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Is Andrew Tate a real deal?

August 3, 2023

Why is Andrew Tate such a big deal?

Because he is a self-made millionaire, kickboxer champion, businessman, macho guru, reality star, influencer, hustler boy and provocateur. All of that. List of his activities and roles is endless. And every single thing he does is making him richer and richer. Big money - big deal!

Is Tate the only self-made rich guy? No!  But he is the only one who speaks for ordinary people, he's talking about the Matrix, the corrupted and unjust system we live in. He is also offering us the solution, the map  to get out of it. Of course, according to him, the key for getting out of it  is - money. He understands how the Matrix works, he figured it out and speaks truth to power.

“If you are poor you are dependent and beholden to a company or a government or somebody else to give you money and to feed you, which means you are not allowed  your own individualistic sovern ideas. You must obey ideas that they want you to believe or they cut off your money…They want you dependent, because if you are dependent you are not allowed to think” - Andrew Tate. He sounds like a true freedom fighter.  His tone is engaging, inspiring and forceful. That's what makes him stand out in a crowd from other influencers. That's why he is so big and his words are important to people.

What is he offering to his audience?

He is offering them the truth.

Andrew Tate is a real deal. His story of success is absolutely  encouraging. There is everything in it: poverty, martial arts, then lots and lots of cash, badass cars, yachts, private jets, hot girls and power. Is there a boy who is not dreaming about all these? Probably not!

When you hear how passionately he speaks to his audience, it's like Andrew is talking to this boy: “This lavishing lifestyle can and will be yours!”. His words have an impact. Only a man who crossed that road can convince you that you can do it too. That is something you can`t fake, and when Andrew speaks about it, he speaks from the heart.

We all like stories where we can relate to the main character. If you listen to him, you'll notice that he talks very sincerely about his poor childhood and frustrations over lack of money. Something to which most people in the world can identify. And if you can relate to him when he was poor, of course you will think that you`ll accomplish all those amazing things as he did.

What people resent Andrew Tate?

When I first heard Andrew talking about women, I thought “Here is 21st.century American dream with 13th century gender equality awareness!” His controversial point of view regarding women got him in trouble, more than once. Internet is full of his statements and videos where he compares women to dogs or children, about women driving or how women are men's property etc. Andrew has brought upon himself a lot of hate, envy and resentment.

His over the top style is hard to swallow for many people. Considering Tate is a sensation and phenomenon with huge influence primarily on young men this kind of bizarre narrative was banned on social media.

As expected,  that didn't stop him. Andrew moved his channel to an online platform with fewer restrictions, where he already has hundreds of thousands views per video, just in a few days. Maybe the restriction will change some of his beliefs and stories. As Max Frich, swiss writer said “We try on stories as we try on clothes” - what clothes will Andrew wear next?