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Pay and Join the War! But only in Andrew Tate’s War Room

August 3, 2023

What is The War Room?

Believe it or not, but Andrew Tate didn’t invent this name. War rooms really existed earlier, during war times of course. Generals and military leaders used them  to discuss tactics and strategies in order to move the war forward. They were also free of charge, and the guns as the war was real!

But, what exactly is The War Room which Cobra Tate promotes?

If you check the official site, first thing you see is the video. It teases you - intense action music, bold guys, private jets, pool parties, guns, shooting arena,....alongside testimonials of members. Warriors talking about their rise after joining this community, how they make 5 figures every month now, how they learned multiple ways  to make money, etc. If you are not clear of what they are talking about, there is also a very elaborated description of what this elite and man oriented community is.

They use very direct messages, even reverse psychology, like “We don’t need you! You can’t bring anything to us! We won’t be here forever”. You can see capital letters shouting at you that there is something tremendously is going to happen in your life if you join The War Room.

The War Room is for men who will die without regret, they say.

We can say it’s a prestigious community intended for ambitious male entrepreneurs.  The ticket is $4.497 and it gives you an advantage to learn key business skills from alphas in the manosphere. Apparently The War Room consists of over 600 millionaires!

Andrew describes War Room as a very competitive private network, where members have to compete for their places. There are even some tasks and tests one must do or he loses his position. Cobra claims you can even be kicked out without a refund at any moment.

If you wonder why anyone would pay 5K and risk being expelled, just think that there are over 2000 members at the moment in this arena. All fighting to be at the top of hierarchy and become “free of slavery”.

How does The War room function?

The War Room communicates mostly via the Telegram app, consisting of multiple groups that focus on different topics: finance, business, fitness, news leaks, international legal documents, etc. It operates in over 70 countries. Besides Telegram, group members have live meetings, so it’s not only an online community.

When one joins, for the first 6 months, the new member can only be doing simple things which Andrew described in a “wax on wax off” manner. Then one realizes that those simple “tasks” are useful and the learning process is already happening, while they are doing something which seems to be unrelated to the topic.

Surrounded by wealthy successful businessmen your life will reach the next level, alongside your career. Your progress will be faster as a consequence of mentoring by some of the world's richest men. As Andrew says: “We have extremely important men inside the War Room”. I trust him.

To conclude, if you can’t learn about money from those 600 millionaires inside the War Room, then you probably can’t learn about money ever. Those people must know something about how to become rich, since 88% of millionaires weren’t born into wealth as they say.

Will all members be successful, rich, free alphas? Of course not.

Bottom line, all members have equal chance, equal mentorship, equal opportunity, but some of them will use it wisely. Some of them will fulfill their potential and become the best version of themselves. It all depends on you, whether you’ll seize the day or not!