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Top G and G2 Drama - Andrew Tate and Carlos Rodriguez

August 3, 2023

We are used to the fact that Andrew Tate brings excitement wherever he goes or whatever he says. However, his appearance at G2’s celebration of the summer European League of Legends championship caused more drama than usual. Maybe they weren't in a War Room but they started a war, this time in the gaming world.

Let’s explain this debacle from the beginning!

Who is Carlos Rodriguez? The man who parties with Cobra brothers and is not afraid to show it!

Carlos “Ocelote”
is what almost every young gamer wants to be. First he became a professional gamer and dominated as “ocelote '' with his skill in League of Legends. He made it to the world championships several times. When he was in his 20s he founded the famous esports team G2 in Berlin, a winning team in multiple esports. As owner and CEO of G2 he truly lived a dream.

Just when you think nothing can go wrong, on September 17, Rodriguez posted an eight-second video in which we can see Cobra brothers in his company. There is champagne,sparklers, beautiful women, all of them in the mood and celebrating.

And the post triggered a crisis in the Esport community, causing a series of unfortunate events.

INT at professional level

Social media was condemning Andrew Tate's presence at the event. Especially at the moment when G2 announced its first all-women League of Legends team. The time wasn’t right to put before the public banned and notorious influencer.

Instead of handling this delicate situation carefully and thoughtfully Carlos posted a tweet saying that no one could “police his friendships, I draw my line here” and that he partied with whoever he wanted. Not well played, at all.

However, the next morning he un-drew the line and apologized to the community and G2 fans. This apology was clearly insufficient because G2 put out its own separate statement saying: “After talking with our Supervisory Board, Carlos and the board agreed that he should take eight weeks off as CEO and not get paid during that time.”

Facing the backlash of a community and the fact that Riot Games has kicked G2 out of the upcoming Valorant league, on 23 September Carlos resigns as CEO of G2 Esports and departs the company.

Carlos posted a  video on the same day trying to explain what was going on after the Andrew Tate Controversy. He started his speech by saying:

“I can’t believe what I’m about to say now. My time in G2 has come to an end. Which means that I will be stepping down from my CEO position. You know, it might be a shock for many of you, or most of you. And you know, trust me, this is a very hard ending to what has been otherwise a very deeply meaningful and joyful experience.”

Just in one week Andrew Tate turned over several lives, causing fiasco in the Esport world, and all he did was hold a champagne bottle in an 8 second video. He didn’t have to say anything. That’s influence!

Regarding Mr Carlos Rodriguez, his years of hard work, dedication and devotion to the gaming industry unintentionally are shadowed by this mistake. Maybe consequences wouldn’t be so brutal if he had removed the disputed video, or if he had distanced himself from Cobra’s reputation as a misogynistic influencer. That would be an expected and smart thing to do, responsible to his colleagues, sponsors and fans. Unfortunately for “ocelote” it didn’t happen. Only he knows why.

To conclude with something positive, there are several things we learned about Carlos through this incident, and one of them is that he is loyal to himself and his friends. He stands behind his words, he didn’t remove his posts during this hard time and at the end he paid a price for that.