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Who Is Justin Waller, And Why Do Tate Brothers Love Him?

Private Life
August 3, 2023

The name of Justin Waller is often mentioned as one of the closest friends and partners of the Tate brothers. And just as Andrew and Tristan had a humble beginning, Justin started from zero and made his empire in the construction world. He became a millionaire at 32!

Justin Waller comes from the small town of Denham Springs in Louisiana, USA. While growing up in a trailer park, Waller recalls the time and now says, “the only way we knew how to make doctor money was in boots.” Today Justin is the CEO and founder of Red Iron construction—one of the leading metal building erection companies in the industry. Besides the construction business, Waller owns a real estate company that operates in more than ten states with 90 employees. Justin’s success is notable, and he is the youngest member of the Metal Building Contractors and Erectors Association (MBCEA) board.

When Justin speaks about his win, he often points out his mental toughness, lessons on pain and pressure, and his progressive business ideas such, for example, having an all-female construction management team. 

If you want his advice, Justin’s suggestion to all entrepreneurs is to keep looking for a higher mountain to climb. Unfortunately, Waller didn’t have the opportunity to be in the War Room as a young man. Still, he gained life and business lessons from prominent authors like Robert Kiyosaki, Patrick Lencioni, Robert E. Gerber, and many others.

Like most rich people today, Justin also has his YouTube channel. The caption reads The gentleman’s guide to become an abundant man. His videos are about businesses, money, difficulties men face today, how to overcome them, etc. Guess who can also be seen in his videos? Yes, Cobra brothers!

One of the most important things Justin refers to is the power of positive thinking. Too often, people are thinking of fear. Fear of failure, fear of being alone, fear of bankruptcy, and many others. This self-made millionaire talks about fear as a “dream killer.” Embracing a positive philosophy is challenging, but it is a way to triumph.

While reading about Justin Waller, the fact that he resembles TopG can’t be ignored. No wonder they are best friends. Their stories are so alike. There is poverty, humble background, a strong personality, hard-working, discipline, and positive thinking in `both narratives.

It was Andrew who convinced Justin to make his youtube channel. After meeting a person in person, Andrew said: “You’ve got what it takes to do really, really well in the space! I really believe in you, and I think if you do this, you will absolutely kill it.” So again, Cobra verified his business talent and proved he was right. 

Justin never misses the opportunity to tell how grateful he is to Andrew using his own words: “He means the world to me!”