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Andrew Tate and Islam

Andrew Tate
August 3, 2023

Usually, when someone is banned and cast away from social media, persona non grata has no influence or at least has a weaker impact than before. But, if that persona is Andrew Tate, things are a bit different. Hardly a week can pass without a scandal in which he’s involved. This agent provocateur is well-known for many controversial statements, and the latest affair is nothing less exciting than others.

Nothing short of scandal

On Sunday, October 23, a spark lit the fire. Spark was a post  shared by Twitter account @GodListensToDua, where we can see Andrew Tate reportedly converting to Islam. Video is showing Andrew in a mosque praying alongside his friend. For days the public has been speculating if he really converted to Islam or if this is just another bait to increase his popularity.

The answer to that question was given by Cobra Tate himself on Gettr a few days ago. He said: “This is why I’m Muslim. Any Christian who believes in good and understands the true battle against evil must convert. So be patient, indeed the promise of Allah is TRUTH Quran 30:60”.

Andrew’s aspiration for Islam is old thing. Many times we have witnessed his statements in which he praises the Islamic religion and considers it the only meaningful one. Earlier this year Andrew was in Deen Show where he gave exclusive interview under the name -  Islam is the future. He described it as “...the religion I have the most respect for, respect for mentality, respect for the warrior aspect of it.”

“If you are not ready to defend your faith, then you have no faith!”, said Andrew.

Why is Tate attractive to the Islamic community?

Cobra recognize Islam as a solution which fixes many problems that men are facing today. Problems such as man’s position in society, family, relationship, business etc. Nor is the Islamic community immune to Tate.

The love is mutual! At least, that is what it seems like from the countless TikTok videos and commentaries on YouTube where they come to his defense and promotion. Many of Andrew’s followers are young muslim men. Some of them are honored by a fact that a man of such a high profile and reach like Andrew Tate is bringing highlights on Islam.

Their fascination with Tate lies in the fact that he is one of the few people who speaks publicly about topics such as masculinity, the position of men in today's world, about the relationship between the sexes, feminism...These are very sensitive and provocative topics. People are often shy away from declaring their position on these matters. Therefore, it’s expected for young men to seek the answers on social media and turn to Andrew Tate who is encouraging them to be alphas of the world. He makes them feel hard, strong, daring men. And for this community, often marginalized, it’s essential.

It’s not easy to be a Muslim in western countries. No one can dispute the stigma and burden which come with it. Followed by radicalism and its consequences, young muslim men are attracted to celebrity who praises Islam pubicly. It boosts their confidence and dignity, making them proud to be Muslims.

Masculinity is not the only topic close to hearts of young muslim followers. Tate’s view on feminism is also very intriguing and appealing to them. At the same time it can also be very dangerous. This extremely delicate area must be dealt with in a meaningful way, otherwise it can be misinterpereted and abused against women. Islam considers men and women as equal but not the same. For example, It means adultery is sinful for both men and women. According to their belief, we all have different roles and responsibilities to carry out, in society as well in family life.

To conclude

There are divided opinions regarding motive of Andrew’s conversion. A big part of Islamic world is asking question, such as: Is Andrew Imposter? Is he going for Islam only for more money? Bigger fame? More subscribers? More students in HU or members for War Room?

The truth is that we can’t know the real reason at the moment, but Andrew Tate is a very pragmatic, wise and creative (business)man. And soon we’ll see who will make the most of this situation - Islamic community or Cobra brother!