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Andrew Tate’s mansion and luxury car collection has been seized by the police!

August 3, 2023

The latest news is that the prosecutor has ordered new measures against Andrew and Tristan Tate. All 11 cars which Tate brothers have in Romania, and the family villa are seized. Yes, even Bugatti Chiron, unfortunately - Andrew’s favorite. 

Here is the complete list of astonishing seized cars:

  • BMW M5
  • FERRARI 458 IT
  • FERRARI 812 SF
  • MC LAREN 765 LT

This is a common law practice as a security measure, explains Stefan Loredan, Romanian lawyer. 

At the moment,  Andrew’s assets are valued cca $5M and will be under seizure till the end of investigation or trial. If they are proven innocent, all the assets will get back in their hands, but if the outcome of the trial is not in Cobra’s favor, the villa and super cars will be sold at the auction! 

The public was in utter disbelief when Cobra brothers were arrested on 30th December. The allegations against them are severe. They both are held on rape, human traffiking and establishing organized criminal group charges. Along with Andrew and Tristan, two women, both Romanian citizens, were arrested.

The prosecutor proposed to detain suspects for 30 days, which was approved by the judge.Few days ago one woman was released, while the other remains in prison with Andrew and Tristan.

The majority of fans, and haters, believed this is just another false alert. Even a commercial hook for more followers. But as time goes by it becomes more and more clear that this is probably the hardest period for Cobra brothers so far. Many questions are open. Like who is running Andrew’s Twitter account - there is new content every hour? Who will take care of The War Room? HU? And the main question, of course, are they guilty of charges? 

Why the Tate brothers have not been released till now?

According to the Romanian lawyer, this doesn’t mean the Tates are guilty, they are innocent till proven otherwise, but the prosecutor has some kind of evidence to support the case.

There are several reasons why they are still in prison.

  1. They can easily escape the country. Andrew and Tristan have many passports and citizenships around the world and it can be a problem if they decide to fly away. Especially if they go to a country which doesn’t have a legal agreement with Romania, and they can’t be extradited.  
  2. Keeping them in prison will avoid any interference in the investigation.Tate brothers could influence the witnesses, and this is just a way to prevent such situations.
  3. Bail was never an option for them, because the crimes they are accused of have intention behind.  
  4. This trial could take 1-3 years, but they won’t be in jail this whole period. The lawyer expects them to be set free during the first quartal of 2023.

What will happen next with Cobra brothers?

During this period, while Andrew and Tristan are in pre-trial detention, prosecutors will gather new evidence and introduce it to the judge. Based on this, the judge will decide if they are to be released to defend from freedom or he can easily prolong this for another  30 days. 

For now, it is clear they both will remain in prison. Hope, they will have a chance to be free during trial. In the worst case, if Andrew is proven guilty, can face a 10 year sentence.