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Is the War Room still active and how to join it?

August 3, 2023

Since Andrew Tate is back on Twitter, his army of followers is larger by at least one million people, and the public can’t stop talking about Cobra. His influence and reach is getting bigger by the hour. And despite his absence from mainstream channels, among many googled topics about TopG is still his War Room community.

What is the secret of the War Room?

To join this popular group chat on the Telegram app, will cost you $4,497. It’s described as “a global network in which exemplars of individualism work to free the modern man from socially induced incarceration” — and the biggest selling point is direct, personal access to Tate.

“What made me the most money is War Room” said Andrew just a few weeks ago. At the moment, according to Cobra, the War Room has 3000 members all around the world and not everyone is wealthy, but they are all on the way to become powerful, influential and rich. And what will make that possible are opportunities and connections inside the War Room. If you are ready to learn, absorb and commit, you can make fantastic results.

To all young ambitious men Tate says:“It’s the most important place you can be! You can learn absolutely everything about the realities of the earth. Do not waste your time in some university, do not waste your time reading books…Join the War Room”.

The first hand experience with the War Room

If you ask Justin Waller, joining this elite community will make you better at money, your understanding of women, style, networking etc. Men are learning how to make money, how to sell, how to raise children….everything it takes to be a male that wins and to live the most fulfilled life that man can.

Justin points out members get confronted by their mentors, “I will piss you off while I’m trying to fix you!”. In his opinion the War Room creates more consciousness, making the atmosphere where a man can perform, or the atmosphere where there are certain expectations. It’s a provocative mindset as well for powerful and rich people who think they are on top of the world and for younger men at the beginning of their careers.

Joining the War Room is one of the best decisions he made.

If you see yourself as an apprentice of a millionaire feel free to join the TopG club through the official Cobra website.