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Cobra Brothers Investigation Update: Documents leaked from the court!

Private life
August 3, 2023

Since Andrew and Tristan Tate were arrested on December 29th last year, a lot of things have happened. Their fans and followers were convinced TopG and his brother will be free till now. But things are more complicated than posting macho tweets. 

At this moment two custody appeals were rejected by the Romanian court. The second one happened just a few days ago. The public has the opportunity to watch various law experts explaining Tate brothers' situation, what they can or can not do, about prison conditions, their health, different speculations regarding evidence, witnesses and victims, etc.

New “evidence” from court documents!

The latest released court document, on 61 page, contains serious accusations against Tates! Allegedly, there are details which directly link Andrew and Tristan to the seduction and exploitation of women. They are suspected, according to these new testimonials, of manipulating young women, offering them marriage, long term relationships to come to Bucharest and live together in a family villa. Instead of promised love, girls were forced to work long hours for OnlyFans and TikTok, making porn content. It is the so-called “lover-boy method” which is often used for luring victims of human trafficking.

The women were talking about a strict schedule they had to stick to, 12 hours online presence, 5 minute break, and one of them even accused Andrew of threatening with violence unless she earns 10000 euros/month

Documents are very detailed about the American and Moldovan women who are among six alleged victims.Unfortinately, rape is also one of the accusations in the docs. Both women were talking about fear of Tate brothers and their armed guards. Reportedly, they were not allowed to leave the house, because of “enemies”, they were under surveillance (guards and cameras) and under psychological pressure to make money. The testimonials are disturbing.

Why alleged victims are defending Tate brothers?

This whole situation is even more complicated by the fact that two women, who are listed as victims, came out live on TV and said this case was built on lies. 

They stood up in Tate brothers’ defense and accused Romanian police of lying

One of the girls was asked to explain her relationship with Tates, and she clarified: “We are like family...I never worked for them or with them, I'm working on TikTok and Instagram as an influencer”.

“They don’t deserve it. These are just made-up stories that go around the Internet” said a woman. She added they declared on the court in April last year that they are not victims and don’t feel like one. 

Interesting, the question is why those statements are not accepted? Some of the experts say that the victims of human trafficking do not always recognise the fact that they were exploited and manipulated by their oppressors.

Many questions are still open, and the public is divided on Cobra’s innocense. Andrew often spoke about the Matrix and fighting the system, and at the end this is his opportunity to show what he was preaching about!