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The First Tate Child - Who Is Tristan’s Daughter?

August 3, 2023

Tristan “Talisman” Tate, as younger Cobra brother, is often in Andrew’s shadow. He’s followed Andrew during whole life and career. Second born, second famous, second to everything. But there is one thing where Tristan is ahead of his elder brother. Few years ago he became a parent to a beautiful daughter. 

Although both Tate brothers are very enigmatic regarding their family and private life in general, from time to time Tristan mentions his baby girl and their relationship.

What does Tristan think about being a father?

“It’s wonderful, it's absolutely wonderful. I’m planning to have more children, ” said Tristan.

The Tate Empire is going to be run by Tate children! That’s his master plan!

When contemplating family and children, Cobra junior mentioned how inspired he was by Elon Musk and Steve Jobs for different reasons, of course. Steve Jobs had a board of directors who were not his relatives, but ambitious careerists and one day he was voted out of his own company. Those people were not loyal to him, but to the company! Being surrounded by their own blood Tate brothers are protecting their best interests, personal and company.

What would Tristan advise his daughter about dating and choosing a future husband? If you think there is a traditional and rigid attitude regarding boyfriends and relationships, think again! 

In his own words - Main chick is OK, dad approves - but the side chick not so much! Tristan stands for protecting and providing father, and one day, he would be satisfied if his daughter chose a man similar to him, who can continue to take care of her. 

Even though Tristan is not married to the child's mother, Cristina Pazurati, they are in contact and Tristan is involved in his daughter’s life. This is supported by the fact they both visited him at prison a few days ago. 

Cristina Pazurati is Romanian TV presenter,she’s very present on social media, and she speaks 3 languages- Romanian, English and Russian. It is not known how Cristina and Tristan met, or how long they were in a relationship, but now they share a child.

What Andrew says about his niece?

“She’s a beautiful girl…I want her to find a strong man who can protect and provide for her,” said uncle Andrew Tate.

Cobra emphasized he doesn’t want her to grow up in a world where women are hated, or marginalized, in a world of oppressive men.

Andrew announced the Tate foundation is going to be dedicated to man’s mental health and also, protecting women from violence against men.

This is something which we’ll witness in future months and years.