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The Matrix attacked again - Andrew Tate was taken to hospital

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August 3, 2023

The latest news just came in! Cobra’s position is getting complicated day by day. Not only is he sitting in a 30 days custody, but now, Romanian news channel Antena 3 CNN reported that one of the Tate brothers was taken to hospital for a "routine medical check", but eventually they got him back to the prison.

Only a few hours later, Andrew posted on Twitter:"The Matrix has attacked me. But they misunderstand, you cannot kill an idea. Hard to Kill."

This was very noticed by the public eye, especially among Tate’s fans. Sneako, one of the Cobra’s biggest supporters, immediately put this update on Youtube. This young influencer was very upset by Andrew’s position, since he considered Tate a  personal friend. He called the fans to keep Tate in their prayers, it started emotionally. According to Sneako, a lot of things are not clear now. People, even those close to Andrew, don’t know the reason he was in hospital. There is a lot of speculation, but the truth is unknown. He even talks about “public discontent” if Andrew is released, quoting a Romanian judge. Sneako is linking that with the US decision not to prosecute people who supported the BLM movement while they were burning and rioting the city at the same time. 

Andrew is an asthmatic world kickboxing champion

Since this news caused almost mass panic on social media, there are many theories and guesses about Tate brothers health, especially Andrew. And there is one thing Tristan revealed about his elder brother - Andrew is suffering from asthma.

But there is no official statement whether this was the real reason for taking Cobra in hospital for a specialist treatment. 

What is next in Andrew’s neverending drama?

When Andrew Tate got banned from the Internet, the public expected him to disappear from social media. But it wasn’t the case.

When Andrew Tate got arrested, it seemed this was his end. He’s in 30 day custody, and the World is safe from this notorious redpiller. Guess again - it wasn’t the case!

Andrew’s Twitter account is very active and someone, obviously, in his name is constantly posting classic Cobra’s hits, such as: Matrix did this, or Matrix did that, or I’m invincible, etc. The result is as follows: over 4.5M of followers at the moment! But it’s not just his Twitter account that helped him to keep his high level of presence on the Internet. The public is very interested and eager to know everything about him. Before the arrest, and especially after the latest events.

There is no way to predict what will happen next in his life, but it is definitely something exciting, dramatic and breathtaking!