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Cobra Brothers FINALLY on FREEDOM after 90 days

Private Life
August 3, 2023

Yesterday, news that Andrew and Tristan Tate were released from prison broke the internet worldwide.

The Tate brothers, falsely accused of human trafficking allegations, were imprisoned by Romanian police for over three months. Even though the law said they needed to be released a few times by now, the Romanian government kept them as prisoners until yesterday.

Tate brothers will be under house arrest until their case is not fully solved. We can see both of the brothers to be in decent shape after release. They will likely visit a barber soon. Still, after allegations of illness, even serious ones (such as cancer), both Tate brothers seem excellent and ready to take over the internet again.

Some outrages of fans over Athens that occurred last week might impacted the Romanian government's decision to release them. Still, again as stated in law there, they couldn't imprison them for more than 90 days, and that day was yesterday.

We could spot the trend that the hype around the Tate brothers slowly started dying in the past few months, and even visits on our site showed that.

To be honest, we couldn't cover the news when we barely had some information about them. Now, we expect full swing around, and we will closely watch what is going on to provide our readers with the freshest news out there about our favorite internet gurus.

What is expected to come now for Andrew and Tristan?

After some time on freedom, if we can call that house arrest, the Tate brothers will likely come back on platforms such as Rumble and a few more media where their presence is not banned. Also, as the only press online entirely oriented toward news about the Tate brothers, we will cover all information for you!

We can’t expect them to leave Rumunia for quite some time, probably until the case is fully solved. Knowing they have the best law experts on their side, we will see how the whole story will end up (keeping in mind the famous case Depp vs. Heard, we are cheering here for the masculine side once again), but there is clear evidence that they can’t charge them with anything firm for now.

Below you can see Andrew in his first footage from home after release:

In his usual manner, Andrew gave a strong message, and he seemed more focused than ever before on conquering the internet once again and showing young ladies and gentlemen how to escape the Matrix.

Hustler University may be back alive after all of those times, and the wishes of many will be satisfied. 

Anyway, we are excited to see the next moves of Cobra Brothers in the next few days!