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Bail Denied - Is This THE END Of Cobra Brothers?

Private Life
August 3, 2023

The bad news is coming from Romania! Tate brothers will remain in prison since the court rejected their bail request.

The Cobra brothers have been detained since December last year with no charges. Nor the two Romanian women who were arrested alongside them. They are being investigated on charges of rape, people trafficking, and forming an organized crime group. Both, Andrew and Tristan have denied the crime.

Courts extended detention

All eyes are on this case! The last denied appeal was on February 27. Yesterday, Andrews' request was rejected again. Although he was in a good mood while going to court, he received the same treatment.

In Tristan's name, their legal team applied for bail in a separate hearing. Maybe they thought it would be a game-changer for Cobra junior, but they were wrong.  

Today the Romanian court turned down this request, as well.

The rumor is that their legal team will appeal again.

TopG said their case was a "political" conspiracy designed to silence him, while he repeatedly accused Romanian governments that they have no evidence against him or his brother.

The courts have described him earlier as a "flight risk." Are they right? Of course, yes!

Both Tate brothers would flee immediately to Dubai without any chance to be on trial in case they were charged.

Besides the possibility of going to another country, there is always a chance to influence the investigation. The authorities are trying to determine if the Cobra brothers recruited women for sex trafficking by seducing them and promising relationships or marriage.

Their current detention is until March 29, but courts can extend detention for up to 180 days. That is six months! It means the Tate brothers could be in prison, without charges, til the end of June 2023. This is an extended period. Especially for business people and a high profile persona, as Andrew and Tristan. What will happen to their business empire? Can they survive all this drama, personally and professionally? Could this unfortunate event be their downfall and the end? According to Andrew, he is invincible. He will rise again. 

Their fans are worried about them, not to mention their family and business partners. During these past three months since they were imprisoned, we saw their property seized, met the first Tate child, learned Andrew has severe lung disease, and many more. The world thought they would be released by now, but the court feels different.