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Andrew Tate’s Insanely Lucrative Business Idea for Dubai

August 3, 2023

Andrew Tate has once more proved that he is a businessman above all. His endless list of projects is bringing him tons of cash, but now he is about to launch a new venture.

This mega-project is worth at least $20millions, and it won’t be a problem for Cobra. This is his idea - THE TATE CENTER!

What is the Tate Center?

Besides HU, The War Room, The Real World, now Andrew will launch a material business, in the physical realm.

Cobra brothers are planning to move all their 36 luxury cars to Dubai. Naturally, they need a huge warehouse or something like that to keep their collection in one place. Then Andrew took the plan furthermore - they will build a studio inside for making emergency meetings.

Andrew even plans to make the show in front of a live audience. People can come and watch them talking in meetings, while at the same time they observe 36  supercars as well. The Bugatti, the Ferraris, a few Krombergs, a Pagani, a Rimac,....and the list goes on! Do you think the public would be interested in this? Of course it will! Not just a person has a chance to look from close to Tate at his best, with his brother and buddies, but also to get a glimpse at the finest car collection in the world.

But that is not the end of Tate Center's offer. Andrew is talking about men's indulgence, like cigars, coffee, even professional tailor to give some top advice on how to dress smart, how to look like TopG. People could buy and see Tate merchandise in one place. 

According to Cobra, the idea is not only to be a passive visitor, but also to hang out with them. Anyone who is sharing and supporting Tate’s vision, message and philosophy is welcomed.

As Andrew said: “It will be a Tate Center where you can stand around and absorb the energy of endless masculinity, supercars and cigars.” In case something we didn't mention, there will be hot girls as well. 

Why in Dubai? It’s not a secret that Andrew and Tristan live there at the moment, Andrew even converted to Islam. His fascination with islamic culture is well known to the public. Recently he spoke:”Everyone with money is going to Dubai.” In his opinion it's a very hospitable city, everyone speaks english, people are friendly, it’s very safe, they are forward thinking.

The love between Andrew and Dubai is mutual. So there is no doubt if this project will make a profit. Young men will be standing in line for Tate Center, it will bring money not only to Cobra, but to Dubai also. There are many fans eager to meet Andrew and Tristan and smoke cigars by their side.

What is not known is how much this will cost. If we know anything about Andrew it's that he is a money making machine. We can guess and say - maybe it will be one price to take a look at luxury cars, or to be an audience at the meetings; but if you are interested in smoking cigars with Cobra brothers you’ll have to be top-level alpha. If you intend to make an appointment with their tailor and do some shopping be prepared to pay extra!