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Genuine Hustler University business lessons - part 2

August 3, 2023

Genuine lessons which people pay to hear from TopG himself are now available on this site!

Few weeks ago we published the first part of Cobra’s business lessons.

This is the second part for all young betas eager to learn and start earning money ASAP!

Pay attention because Andrew Tate is speaking about his business secrets:

  • Networking is everything
  • Don't Celebrate over Money
  • Send People their Money Back
  • Hardclose
  • Business isn't real until they pay
  • Stress Tolerance
  • Sell the Need
  • Stay away from Contracts
  • Make sure your Employees need You
  • Every Purchase is an Impulse Purchase
  • Promise your Client's Future
  • Sell the Result of the Product
  • Image Sells
  • Learn how to Talk
  • Everything will go wrong all the Time
  • Hire the ones that are Loyal to You
  • Aim Higher
  • Never be Content
  • Irrational Self Confidence
  • We can't make money, we take money
  • Never make anyone irreplaceable
  • Tell people they can't have things
  • Start your business for money, not "passion"
  • Focus on the end goal
  • Exploit FOMO 
  • Chaos and Opportunity Are Same Stuff
  • You can't make money, so take money
  • Ask your mother's opinion on your business (Get unbiased opinion on your product)
  • Money will never motivate your staff
  • Success is exponential
  • Nobody is broke. They're just spending elsewhere
  • Nothing ever fixed itself
  • Never say "no" to money and accept all forms of payment
  • Diversify against tax and become "antifragile"
  • Debt, in many cases, isn't real
  • Staff Management - HR is BS
  • It's not about what you sell, but how you sell it
  • Play To People's Strengths, Outsource your weakness
  • Satisfy Immediate Needs
  •  Never Assume Work
  • Everybody Loves A Winner
  • Keep an eye on your competitor and steal ideas
  • Make Your Business Your Existence 
  • Develop a Constructive Phone Addiction
  • Nothing is too good to be true
  • Spot the BS
  • The Importance of asking "WHY?"
  • Everything is a sell
  • Take Every Offer Seriously
  • You don't have to understand to make money
  • Politics is a mental trap
  • Famoose the goose and Fameese the geese
  • Rules are meant to be broken
  • Always sharpen your tools
  • Identify Problems and sell on them
  • Make customers feel valued

If there is doubt about all these lessons, if they are not aligned with what you heard in schools, or some online course, just think of the next - This is all coming from a guy who is self-invented millionaire, a guy who built his own empire in just few years, a guy who has over 4.5M followers on Twitter although he is banned from 99% of social media. And not just that. Cobra also proved his discipline and hard working mentality through sport - as a four time world kickboxing champion.

While you speculate whether Andrew is guilty or not, when will he come out of prison, what will happen to his property etc utilize your time to learn from TopG, absorb these lessons, join The War Room, do something worthy with your potential and capacity.